August 25


Why Switch?

The utility’s rate is regulated by a Government board. That doesn’t mean that it will be the lowest price. They are required to pass market costs along to you, the customer. Marketers have the flexibility to operate more efficiently and buy electric and gas supplies when they are cheaper, then pass those savings along to you.

Shop and Compare

Comparing and deciding among the various offers in the new deregulated industry, buying electric and natural gas is like getting a mortgage. You can choose between contract terms between 6 months and 5 years. You can choose to lock in for a long period at a fixed rate, or choose variable rates and rely on fluctuations in the market to determine your price.

Universal Savings

Most companies who have switched to marketers have saved money. If the utility price makes you feel more secure, choose one of the options that offers a percentage less than the utility for guaranteed saving. If you want to have a company managing supply to get the lowest possible price, choose a variable rate; it’s managed by a gas supplier. If you want to be sure of your bills, and think prices are going up, choose a fixed price.

Regulated Rates are not Fixed Rates, nor can they be

Each state has an agency that regulates utility rates. Utilities can and do apply changes to rates retroactively! They are not allowed to offer fixed contracts. By signing up with an energy marketer you can avoid these unexpected rate changes. We competitively tender your energy needs to deregulated marketers. ESCO’s and regional energy providers! They will provide offers and you select the option to fit your situation.